Visual Memoirs - The Creative Journey


Visual Memoirs - A Creative’s Journey


Every single religion has a creation story. You are wired to create and connect. Is it your birthright. Claim it.


This spring I will teach an e-course called Visual Memoirs : The Creative Journey.  In this class we will explore our own creative process and path. Brene Brown said that “Owning our story and loving ourselves through the Process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” I agree, and I think that the act of writing and painting are some of the most powerful ways we can own our stories. I believe that storytelling gives meaning to our lives.


Our tribe will create, connect and finds deeper meaning in their daily lives. We will learn about techniques as we walk daily along the creative path together.  Each week the lessons will include video interview writers, artists, and a multitude of other creatives about their own creative journey. This is not just a painting class, it is a class about finding more meaning in our day to day lives through the development of a creative practice.


Each one of us is made up of our experiences and relationships.  Much of the  spiritual work I’ve done healing from post traumatic stress and postpartum depression informs my work.  In my struggles, I have felt completely alone and terrified on some days. Sharing stories and art in a safe space with other creatives has given my life color and depth that was not previously present.

In fact, research is beginning to show that community and connection can change us on a genetic level. (   I would not be surprised if the same is found about art sometime in the future.

This class is loosely based on the framework of The Hero’s Journey, by Joseph Campbell.  

This journey, the creative journey, is an invitation to honor your past, be present, and building the future you want. Own your story. Change it. Re-envision yourself through storytelling and art.

Registration is now open at  Class begins on April 18th, with the new moon.