“Mandala” is Sanskrit for “circle.”  Making circles in an ancient tradition used by practitioners in religions as varied as Buddhism and Christianity.  Mandalas have also been used as tools or insight. Jung kept an entire journal of mandalas.

  Join us for a day of Mandala making as we share stories and gain meaning through the creative process. We will direct our creative process through the use of quiet moments of reflection , guided meditations, discussion, and writing.

This class invites you to a new way of design and painting. We'll find a unique balance between structure and flow and we create unique works of art. 

The Mandala Circle provides a soulful, authentic, supportive gathering space for artists and non-artists alike. This circle is infused with ceremony, readings, and music. Participants will enjoy a catered lunch from the delightful Vanilla Orchid. Vegetarian & gluten free options are available upon request.


 We will create a simple charcoal mandala, as well as a watercolor mandala that will be ready for framing after class.  Participants will learn techniques for creating designs that incorporate radial symmetry, as well as basic watercolor techniques.