Art As Meditation & Self-Care

Practice Self-care & Meditation through Art

"Art guarantees sanity." - Louise Bourgeois

I lived in a unique art guild that explores the connection between art and spirituality during a tough time in my relationship about 8 years ago. I was facing the reality that I had become overly dependent on Logan for much of my entertainment and identity. I was just beginning the work of my own inner journey.

In the art guild, I lived like a monk. I ate from the garden, cleaned the toilets and swam in the ice cold river. I experienced the gamut of emotions as I sat silently along watching the trees sway in the afternoon breeze and as I gazed from the majesty of the Pacific Crest Trail. 

For all of my work, I got to take classes with a variety of talented artists. During those long quiet hours in the studio and working on the grounds, I found respite from my tumultuous emotions. When I was in the studio painting or working with clay the rest of the world fell away. I didn't hear the incessant chatter of my inner critic so much. 

So, when the article entitled "Why Making Art is the New Meditation" was published by the Washington Post last week, I was nodding my head vigorously as I read. Art has been sanctuary over the last decade as I skipped and sometimes trudged along this journey of life. Art is my spiritual path. 

Sometimes other mothers ask me, "How do you find time for art?"    It really isn't a choice in my mind. I adhere to the belief that my family and friends get the best  of me when my heart is full. As a mother, entrepreneur, artist, wife, friend and board member for a local arts non-profit, people are constantly asking me for things. I know that I cannot fill someone else's cup unless my own cup is full. Art is self-care. It is imperative to the well-being of my relationship with my daughter and husband that I have an art making practice. 

What is it that sets you on fire? What do you need as a part of your own self-care routine? It is not only ok to make your creative life a priority, it is vital that you make that a part of your routine.