Getting Messy

I made this fox for my daughter. In utero, I believed her totem animal was a fox. I still believe it is.  Later I discovered this Tswana saying "Phokoje Go Tsela O Dithetsenya" that translates to "Only the muddy fox lives." The idea behind this saying is that only a person who is willing to go through the mess of life truly lives. 

Are you taking the creative risk you need to truly live today? 

What does it mean to take creative risks? It means doing things before you think you are ready. It means putting your work out there for others to see. It means willingness to fail. And to try again. It means reminding yourself the good stuff comes from the mess (just like a butterfly). 

 Only a little over a year ago I put my art up in a public place for sale for the very first time. It was messy. It was not cohesive. And I didn't sell a ding dang thing.  However, I kept taking creative steps.  During this year, I had my first proper show in a gallery, and have landed multiple design contracts. I was even somehow named a "Wonder of Austin" and featured on a cable channel. 

The lesson here is that it all starts with one small step. What small step can you take this weekend toward your dreams?