Let's Get Real

Howdy, y'a11!

A bit about my own story getting started in running my own business / following my passion only a short year and a half ago. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (much like becoming a mother). I had no business plan. I didn't have marketing figured out. I didn't have a voice or brand. I hadn't even considered that. (Proof that you don't have to have it all figured out to get started.)
I just got started. I used the scrabble dictionary to find a word that included 'art' so I could make a clever play on words. I decided my business would be named 'The Austin Artery' which I thought was perfect at the time. I believe the act of creating truly brings us to life, and is just as important to living a healthy life as the heart that is beating in your chest. 
I made this clever little heart logo, and promptly showed it to my brother. He responded with distress. "Um, Heidi, that looks like a real human heart," he pointed out. 
I was bothered by that at first. Would people be disturbed by this heart? 
Then, I decided I just have to be me. Some people won't like it. The heart that my brother had seen as gruesome became an emblem for me of being real. 
I, like everyone, hide behind a facade at times when I am scared or can't handle the vulnerability. But, every single time I am strong enough to bring the real me, and my authentic voice to the table, I am rewarded by meaningful connections. 
So, I dropped the whole Austin Artery thing this January and decided just to go by my name. I'll miss the heart. 
However, I'm memorializing this heart by painting it in my geometric style (it is called low poly art by the way). It should be in the shop in time for Valentines. It is my biggest reminder that self love means bringing my real self to every experience.  Here is a preview of the design.