You can't lose... Wisdom from my Mama

I ran my first 5k in 6th grade. Or Perhaps I should say walked my first 5K in 6th grade.

My mom had a quit smoking a couple of years before this, and started a regimen of outdated 80s workout videos. She  graduated to running and entered us in our first 5K. I couldn’t even run a mile.

I came in DEAD last in this 5K. She came and walked beside me at the very end. In my pre-teen angst I was so embarrassed and horrified about coming in last. My middle school principal had even passed me in the run.  

“I lost the whole race.” I panted.  She assured me that I had not lost the race. In fact, she reminded me that I had beat every single person at home who didn’t even try.

It was a powerful way to reframe this experience for me. It still helps me on a regular basis. I can’t lose y’all.  Because. I am doing my thing every single day and I am trying. That alone is a big win.

What small things have you done this week in your race? Have you tried something new? Had a difficult conversation?  Kept doing something even when it was hard?  If so, you my friend are rocking it.